Tanaz Akhlaghi, our cherished soulmate, friend, sister, daughter, colleague,  tireless humanitarian, and champion of many causes now needs our support for a personal cause of her own. Tanaz was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Given the seriousness of this diagnosis, she will need immediate, extensive, and costly treatments and medications, many of which are not covered by her medical insurance. Despite unwavering and unconditional support from family and other loved ones, the financial strain of the necessary and life-saving treatments is nonetheless too difficult for anyone to shoulder.

Those who know Tanaz have been blessed with the gift of knowing genuine kindness, love, courage, compassion, generosity, wit, and wisdom. Simply put, to know Tanaz is to love her; to know her is to know the beauty and impact of a life committed to helping others. Many of you whose lives have been touched by Tanaz's amazing spirit, have reached out asking how you can help. Along with your prayers and healing thoughts, we are asking that you help restore our precious Tanaz's health by helping ease the financial burden of her medical treatments.

Your contribution will help cover the cost of Tanaz's medical treatments, medications, and any travel necessary for additional treatments. Her ultimate goal is to establish a foundation that will promote and fund pancreatic cancer research so that others with a similar diagnosis may benefit.

Tanaz is determined to do whatever is necessary to heal her body and live a long and fulfilling life. She was recently engaged to Brian Ayala, an equally wonderful and supportive man. We're all committed to ensuring that she and Brian will walk down that aisle and start a happy life together.